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The Product Selection Process at ChelseaMarket.ca

At ChelseaMarket.ca, we take enormous pride in our product selection.  We carefully and diligently review each and every product to ensure that it complies with our rigorous quality standards.  It?s a daunting task (ask anyone who has ever been to an industry trade show where there are literally thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of products!) but it?s one that we take extremely seriously.  After all, we?re focused on your health and well being!

The following is a brief overview of the Product Selection Process that we follow and the characteristics of the products that we carry:

We Carefully Review Each Product With an Exhaustive New Product Assessment Process

When we are seriously considering adding any new product in any one of our 24 Departments, we go through an exhaustive review of its attributes.  Everything from its ingredient list, place of origin, package size, overall quality, price, package size, aesthetic packaging appeal, the likelihood of an ongoing reliable supply, the history and reputation of the producer, customer testimonials and overall product value are just a few of the factors that we consider when we decide if we will carry a product.

We Carry Only Those Products That Support Overall Health and Well Being

We offer only those products that are beneficial in a holistic sense to our customers.

We Carry Only Those Brands That Comply With All Applicable Labeling Laws

Only those products whose labels comply with either the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and / or the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) by disclosing all ingredients and all other required labeling

We Carry Only Those Products That Disclose All Ingredients and Potential Allergens

Regretfully, there are some companies that, for a multitude of reasons, fail to disclose all the of their products? ingredients and possible allergens on their general product information.  We disapprove of this practice and do not carry products that have less than full ingredient and potential allergen disclosure.

We Carry Only Those Products With Independently Verified and Scientifically Proven Claims

Unfortunately, there are many products available in the marketplace today that make unverified and / or unproven health claims. We will not carry a product without an independent, scientific verification of all product claims.

We Carry Only Those Products From Companies That Follow GMP (Good

Manufacturing Processes)

Our selection process for product manufacturers is strict.  We do not carry companies? products that are manufactured in a facility where GMP are not fully documented and strictly followed.  Where applicable, we insist that all our suppliers are HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) Certified or Compliant.

We Carry Only Those Foods That Are Certified Organic or 100% Natural

All of the products on ChelseaMarket.ca are either certified organic or are 100% natural (i.e. free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats.  For produce, ?100% Natural? means that it has not been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides.)  Please see our list of banned ingredients for foods, for additional information.

We Carry Paraben-free, Sulfate-free and Toxin-free Skin & Beauty Products Exclusively

We believe that the products that we put on our bodies are as important as the products that we put in our bodies.  As such, we carry only the Health & Beauty products that are all natural and that have no negative implications for our customers? bodies or our environment.  Please see our list of banned ingredients for personal care products for additional information.

We Carry Only Those Products With No Chemicals, Artificial Colors or Artificial Fragrances

In both our food products and all our other natural products that we offer, you will find no chemicals, artificial preservatives, colors or fragrances.  Over the years, we have identified (and now do business with) many companies that have created wonderful natural products at competitive prices.  We see no reason to offer our customers products that may have potentially very harmful impacts on them and the environment.

We Carry Non-GMO Verified Project Items

Over the past several years, tens of millions of consumers worldwide have become aware of the long-term health risks associated with genetically modified foods and now seek only those products that are 100% free of genetically modified organisms.  We are huge supporters of the Non-GMO Verified Project and we actively promote non-GMO verified products.

We Carry Local Products But Simultaneously Support Fair Trade Initiatives

We are enthusiastic supporters of our local farmers, bakers and other artisans and actively endorse the 100 Mile Diet concept.  When this is not possible or practical, we support natural products made in Canada.  However, we also believe that we have a moral responsibility to help develop better living and working conditions in developing countries by promoting long-term eco-sustainability and Fair Trade Initiatives and offering these products in our store.

We Carry Environmentally-friendly Products

We believe that we have a moral responsibility to future generations to protect the environment whenever, wherever and however we possibly can.  As such, we have committed to bettering the planet by offering our customers sustainable, recyclable (where applicable) and environmentally products.

We Carry No Products That Have Been Tested on Animals

We seriously question the morality of product testing on animals in general.  We do not carry any items that have been tested in this manner.

We Carry Foods for Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Raw, Kosher and Paleo Diets

We are sympathetic to the needs of our customers regarding their special dietary requirements.  Whether it is for health reasons, philosophical reasons, religious reasons, athletic reasons or for no particular reason at all, we understand and have committed to carrying an ever-expanding range of healthy foods suitable for all diets.

We Actively Support Our Supplier Partners With Philanthropic Initiatives

At ChelseaMarket.ca we believe deeply in the concept of ?giving back? and supporting local communities and charitable organizations.  Whether it is through our own initiatives or the initiatives of any of our Supplier Partners, we understand the ?paying it forward? concept, both locally and internationally.

We Price Our Products Fairly and Competitively

While we cannot possibly guarantee to have the lowest ?Every Day? price on any of the products that we carry (no company can honestly make such a claim), we can guarantee that we price our products fairly and competitively.  We work very hard with our vendors to get the lowest possible prices for the items that we carry.  When we find or negotiate a ?deal? or special ?opportunity buy? with one of our Supplier Partners, we pass these savings onto our customers whenever possible.

We Actively Support the CHFA (Canadian Health Foods Association)

The CHFA is the Natural Products? Industry Association in Canada.  They are the ?voice? of companies doing business in our industry.  They also help to regulate our industry and to ensure its quality and integrity.  As well, they lobby government on issues pursuant to the natural products business.  Companies associated with this group are carefully screened to ensure their legitimacy and efficacy.  As such, we are more inclined to carry products from companies associated with the CHFA.

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