Our Environmental Sustainability Efforts

Environmental Sustainability Efforts

At ChelseaMarket.ca, we pride ourselves on being good corporate citizens and protectors of our environment both inside and outside our buildings.

Environmental Sustainability Efforts Inside our Building

1. Replacing old, inefficient electricity-guzzling coolers with ultra-high efficiency coolers throughout our business

2. Replacing old, inefficient, electricity-guzzling lights with ultra-high efficiency LED lighting inside and outside our business

3. Replacing an old, electricity-guzzling and inefficient furnace with a 3rd generation, ultra-modern, high-efficiency furnace

4. Eliminating all fax machines that received thousands of pages of incoming faxes annually

5. Updating our office printers enabling us to use environmentally-friendly inks and re-usable cartridges

6. Expanding our use of email to reduce the amount of paper used to conduct our business

7. Increasing our use of social media thereby reducing the amount of paper used in traditional advertising

8. Reducing our electricity usage by reducing the number of lights left on overnight

9. Implementing a kombucha keg system in our ?bricks & mortar? store, thereby potentially eliminating 100% of the packaging on these sales

10. Minimizing air conditioning and heating usage (while still maintaining a pleasant shopping and working environment for our Customers and Associates)

11. Utilizing environmentally sound cleaning and store maintenance programs

12. Expanding our in-store bulk foods program, thereby eliminating even more excess packaging

13. Working with many of our suppliers to minimize and / or re-use packaging

14. Actively expanding our base of local suppliers for all our product categories

15. Actively expanding our list of ?All-Natural? and ?Organic? products

16. Implementing a recycling program for our incoming cardboard by renting a regular bin pick-up

17. Implementing a recycling program for paper and plastics within the store

Environmental Sustainability Efforts Outside our Building

1. Supporting organic farmers, growers and the environment through our commitment to sustainable agriculture and by expanding the market for organic products

2. Supporting sustainable agriculture through our commitment to greater production of organically and bio-dynamically grown foods in order to reduce pesticide use and promote soil conservation

3. Advocating and supporting naturally raised meat and poultry as well as educating our customers about our concerns regarding added hormones and antibiotics

4. Actively seeking suppliers who produce to hormone and antibiotic-free alternatives for our customers to buy

5. Advocating for fewer and safer pesticides in non-organic foods and educating our customers about the value of foods produced without harmful or questionable food additives

6. Educating our customers regarding the importance of food safety measures and techniques, including widely accepted concerns about irradiation, foodborne illnesses and improper food handling

7. Promoting and participating in recycling programs in our community through our commitment to re-usable packaging, reducing packaging, and water and energy conservation

8. Encouraging the use of less toxic cleaning products through educating our customers about the positive impact that can be made in air and water quality by using these alternative products

9. Supporting environmental organizations by helping them to do their work towards a more sustainable planet

10. Educating our customers about the senseless killing of dolphins in the pursuit of tuna and buying only from Supplier Partners that offer items caught using fishing methods that are designed to eliminate the collateral killing of dolphin populations

11. Educating our customers about the cruelty of animal testing of body-care products, thereby helping to influence the marketplace by taking a clear stance that these products are unacceptable

An Invitation to Join our Efforts

We make every reasonable effort to minimize our impact on the environment both inside and outside our business. We believe that we all must strive to continue to improve our efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. We also believe that our vision of the future is shared by many other people, organizations, campaigns, and institutions around the world. We acknowledge that there are many ways to implement that vision. We welcome everyone in joining us in making concrete, lasting changes to our world through education.

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